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Dick Calafato

Dick Calafato
Managing Broker - Main Office / Orange County

Dick started in the real estate business in California in 1969. Within 2 years of obtaining his license, he had listed two hundred twenty three (223), home and had a sales volume in excess of fourteen million dollars ($14,000,000), making him one of the top sales associates in the State and the #1 listing agent on the 10,000 member San Jose Real Estate Board.

Over the next several years, Dick became the founder and CEO of his own real estate company, All State Real Estate, that he ultimately grew to one hundred sixty five (165) real estate offices with over three thousand (3,200) sales associates. In addition to his real estate company, he also founded and successfully directed a mortgage company, Escrow Company and a title insurance company. This distinguished him as the only Realtor in California to have achieved these outstanding accomplishments. Dick ultimately sold his interests in all of these companies so that he could spend more of his time writing, teaching, motivating and consulting with real estate brokers throughout the western United States. He was a much sought after speaker and electrified his audiences with motivation and sound principles.

Here is a list of some of his accomplishments:

  • Master Instructor for the California Association of Realtors
  • Taught for USC teaching Real Estate Broker Development
  • Nationally conducted real estate motivation and education seminars to thousands
  • Joint seminars with speakers including Tommy Hopkins, Jim Rohn, and Gail Himmah
  • Founded Ca Licensed Title Insurance Company, an escrow and a mortgage company
  • Chaired numerous board and state association committees
  • Written many articles for the California Association of Realtors Education Division
  • Consulted with broker/owners in US helping them successfully grow their business
  • Taught the Realtors Code of Ethics for over 15 years for CAR

Dick now spends his time once again helping other brokers and owners grow their businesses as he loves to do and he has successfully done most of his real estate career. Your challenges become his challenges and his unique strategies work as he has proven many times over the years. His passion for real estate is contagious for both owners and their salespeople.

If you would like to share in Dicks proven methods and ideas to become a more productive listing and/or selling broker or to learn from his proven formulas that guarantee to help you grow your real estate company and to achieve your goals of profitably, then contact Dick for an appointment and your road to success will begin. Each client of Dick’s enjoys a customized formula that is developed with you that will be unique and well suited to your marketplace.